Spanish & Portuguese | Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World II
P401 | 3690 | Karpa-Wilson

P401 Literatures of the Portuguese-Speaking World II (3 credits)
P401 is the second-part of a two-semester survey of the literatures
of Brazil, Portugal and Lusophone Africa.  The course aims to
provide students with an understanding of major literary and cultural
trends from the late 19th century to the present within a comparative
and cross-cultural framework.  Rather than attempt to be all-inclusive,
we will focus on a limited number of writers and works, gleaning the
characteristics of the larger cultural movements through careful
analysis of representative texts.

General requirements: Students will take a midterm and a final exam,
and will write a research paper on a topic to be discussed with the
instructor.  During the final week of the course they will give an oral
presentation based on their paper.  Class participation will also be an
essential component of the grade.  Undergraduate papers will be 8-10
pages in length.

P401   3690    1:00-2:15P    MW   BH235   Prof. Sabrina Karpa-Wilson
This section meets jointly with HISP P501.