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S311 Spanish Grammar (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S275 or equivalent
This course is the prerequisite for S312, S315, and S331.
Students may be enrolled concurrently in S311 and S331.

The objectives of this course are to deepen and expand students'
knowledge of Spanish grammar and help them perceive and
integrate nuances of grammatical usage into their use of language.
Emphasis will also be given to idiomatic expressions, problems
of vocabulary and matters of style. Daily written work will consist
of a variety of exercises, including translation from English to
Spanish.  This course is designed to integrate the four basic
language skills into a review of the major points of Spanish
grammar.  Course work will combine grammar exercises with
brief controlled compositions based on reading assignments and
class discussion in Spanish.  Sentence exercises will also be
corrected and discussed in class.

There will be numerous quizzes and exams. This course is a
PREREQUISITE for S312, S315, and S331  and is required for
the major.
S311   3814   9:05-9:55A   MWF   BH333   STAFF
S311   3815 10:10-1:00A    MWF   BH214  STAFF
S311   3816 10:10-11:00A   MWF   BH142  STAFF
S311   3817 11:15-12:05P   MWF    BH240 STAFF
S311   3818 12:20-1:10P     MWF    BH238 STAFF
S311   3819   1:25-2:15P     MWF    KH312 STAFF
S311   3820   1:25-2:15P     MWF    BH305 Prof. M. Valdez
S311   3821   2:30-3:20P     MWF    BH144 Prof. M. Valdez
S311   3822   2:30-3:20P     MWF    BH231  STAFF
S311   3823   3:35-4:25P     MWR    BH144  STAFF
S311   3824   4:40-5:30P     MWR    BH236  STAFF

S311   3825   9:30-10:45A   TR        BH245 Prof. Frantzen
Above section #3825 open to Honors Students only.
Above section #3825 meets with another HISP S311 section.

S311   3826   9:30-10:45A    TR       BH245 Prof. Frantzen
Above section#3826 meets with HISP S311 Honors Section