Spanish & Portuguese | Written Composition in Spanish
S312 | 3827-3832 | Staff

S312 Written Composition in Spanish (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S311 or equivalent

This course integrates the four basic language skills into
a structural approach to composition in Spanish.  Some review
of selected points of Spanish grammar will be included.  Each
student will write a weekly composition, increasing in length
as the semester progresses.  Emphasis will be on correct usage,
vocabulary building, and stylistic control.

S312   3827    9:05-9:55A   MWF   BH237  STAFF
S312   3828 10:10-11:00A   MWF   BH217 STAFF
S312   3829 12:20-1:10P     MWF   BH105 STAFF
S312    3830  1:25-2:15P    MWF   BH105 STAFF
S312    3831  2:30-3:20P    MWF   BH221 STAFF
S312    3832  3:35-4:25P    MWF   BH105 STAFF