Spanish & Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 3839 | Karpa-Wilson

S331 The Hispanic World I (3 credits)

P: S311 or equivalent (Note: Students may be concurrently
enrolled in S331 and S311).  AHLA, CSA

This course will introduce basic concepts in the study of
literature through a reading of 20th-century Spanish American
works.  We will study various genres, including prose fiction,
poetry and drama, paying close attention to socio-historical
context.  The class will be conducted in Spanish and class
participation will be an essential component of the grade.

Students will be required to write two short papers, a midterm,
and a final exam.  They will also give an oral presentation based on
one of their papers.

S331  #3839  11:15-12:05P  MWF   BH149   Prof. Sabrina Karpa-Wilson