Spanish & Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 3842 | Brotherston

S331 The Hispanic World I (3 credits)

P: S311 or equivalent (Note: Students may be concurrently
enrolled in S331 and S311).  AHLA, CSA

The aim is to explore the Hispanic world in the Americas, through four texts:
"Ficciones" (1944-49), essay-like sthort-stories by Jorge Luis Borges
(Argentina); "Canto general" (1950), the great verse epic of the
American continent by Pablo Neruda (Chile); "Pedro Páramo" (1955),
a novel about rural Mexico by Juan Rulfo (Mexico); and "Papeles
de Pandora" (1976), ‘papers' and writing of various kinds by Rosario
Ferré (Puerto Rico).  These are chosen for their strength,
differences in genre and the space and time that they embody.

S331  #3842  1:00-2:15P   TR   BH015 Prof. Gordon Brotherston