Spanish & Portuguese | The Hispanic World II
S332 | 3847-3848 | Impey

S332 The Hispanic World II (3 credits)
P: S331 or S333      AHLA   CSA

This course will explore the main aspects of love– altrustic, erotic and
divine–in Spanish literature across the centuries.  The readings will
include prose works (Unamuno's "San Manuel Bueno mártir",
drama (Lope de Vega's "El Caballero de Olmedo"), poetry (romances,
selected poems of Garcilaso de la Vega, San Juan de la Cruz, Quevedo,
Bécquer, etc.) and essays (selections from Ortega y Gasset's
"Estudios sobre el amor").  In our close reading of these works we will
focus on the historical and cultural circumstances in which they were
written; on the social/cultural milieux and the ethical/esthetic values they
reflect; on the main frames of thought and generic features they contain;
the literary trends to which they belong, and on pertinent questions of
literary theory and interpretation.

Thus, the specific aim of the course is on the one hand to sharpen the
literary insight and widen the cultural horizons of the students and on
the other to improve their speaking and writing abilities in Spanish.
Students will be evaluated on the basis of their participation in class,
written assignments, and two exams.

S332   #3847   8:00-9:15A   TR   BH134   Prof. Olga Impey
S332   #3848   9:30-10:45A   TR    BH139   Prof. Olga Impey