Spanish & Portuguese | Women and Hispanic Literature
S470 | 3851 | Myers

S470 Women and Hispanic Literature (3 credits)
P:  S331 and S332 or equivalent     AHLA

Since at least the early modern period women have written about their
experience in a variety of ways, ranging from poetry and novels to
autobiographies and mystic prose.  In this course we will study the
changing historical contexts in which women lived and wrote in Spain
and Latin America and examine how cultural and political codes are part
and parcel to women's self-representations.  In particular, we will probe
how prescribed gender roles in specific literary & historical contexts
the construction of women's texts.  Primary sources may include readings by
Saint Teresa of Avila, Sor Juana In&eacut;s de la Cruz, Gertrudis
de Avellaneda, Rosalía de Castro, Elena Poniatowska, Isabel Allende,
Mercé Rodoreda, Ana María Matute, and Gloria Fuertes,
among others.  Secondary sources will include readings about prescribed
behavior for women in Golden Age Spain (Juan Luis de Vives, Fray Luis
de León) as well as key theoretical works on feminism and gender
studies (Toril Moi, Jean Franco, Doris Sommer, Gayatri Spivak, among others).

S470   #3854   4:00-5:15P   TR    BH241    Prof. Kathleen Myers
This section meets with HISP S498.