Spanish & Portuguese | Spanish American Literature II
S472 | 3855 | Brotherston

S472 Spanish American Literatuer II   (3 credits)
P: S331 and S332 or equivalent      AHLA

As a survey of Spanish American literature, this course continues
where S471 leaves off, beginning with "modernismo".  The main
genres are covered (poetry, short story, novel, with some reference
to the essay).  Assessment will be by a mid-term and a final paper.
Texts to be used include:
Course anthology (Martí, Vallejo, Neruda, Borges, Paz)
"Spanish American Modernista Poets" (ed. G. Brotherston)
"Seven Stories from Spanish America" (ed. Mario Vargas Llosa
& G.
Alejo Carpentier, "Los pasos perdidos".

S472  #3855  9:30-10:45A   TR   BH146  Prof. Gordon Brotherston