Spanish & Portuguese | Spanish Phonology
S509 | 3861 | Clayton

Professor Mary Clayton
Email: clayton
MWF 10:10 - 11:00    3cr.  section # 3861
Ballantine Hall 233

prerequisite: S425 or equivalent.

This course deals with the data of Spanish phonetics (occasionally
dialectal) and the phonological systems resulting from analyses of this
data according to several phonological theories.  The theories to be dealt
with in this course are structuralism, both European and American, standard
generative phonology and natural generative phonology.  More recent
theories are dealt with in S609.

Students are expected to acquire a thorough knowledge of the Spanish sound
system as well as an understanding of the various areas of controversy and
the reasons (both in data and in theory) for these controversies.  More
generally, students should have an understanding of the nature of
linguistic theories and should be able to argue for or against particular
analyses, and to arrive at plausible analyses compatible with one or
another theory.

Students are expected to have a good grasp of Spanish phonetics upon
entering the course, and to enlarge upon this background during the course.
Work in this area may include ear training and study of selected topics in

There will be an exam at the end of each unit.  There will also be short
quizzes (announced or unannounced) as needed, and exercises and written
work on readings will be assigned where appropriate.  There will be a
comprehensive final exam during the assigned exam period at the end of the
course.   (This exam will include the test on the last unit.)  Regular
class attendance is expected, and students are expected to come having
thoroughly prepared the reading and any other assignments.

Grades will be determined as follows:
35	final exam
35	unit exams (2)
30 	quizzes, homework, participation