Spanish & Portuguese | Contemporary Spanish Literature
S564 | 3865 | Bieder

Professor Maryellen Bieder
Email: bieder
TR 1:00 - 2:15 3cr.  section # 3865
Ballantine Hall 241

An exploration of literary expression and experimentation in Spain from
fin-de-si`cle decadentism and the rejection of realism/naturalism
through the formal and linguistic experimentation of the 1920s and 1930s.
In order to give the course focus and depth, readings are drawn from the
first half of the century.  The course includes novels, plays, poetry and
short fiction, as well as secondary critical readings (articles or
chapters).  Lectures will address the broader panorama of Spanish letters
and set the context for close reading and textual analysis.  A course pack
will include selected poems and short fiction.
Valle-Inclán, SONATA DE OTOÑO (1902)
Baroja, EL MUNDO ES ANSÍ (1912)
Unamuno, NIEBLA (1914)
Lorca, EL ROMANCERO GITANO (1928; selections)
	EL PÚBLICO (1933)
Machado, CAMPOS DEL CASTILLA (1912, 1917; selections)

Course Pack:
Selected poems: Lorca, Machado
Short fiction: Salinas, Carmen de Burgos, Ayala