History | Russian Revolution and Soviet Regime
D310 | 2657 | Rabinowitch

TR 11:15-21:30P BH103

Above section carries culture Studies credit. A portion of the above
section reserved for majors Graduate students should register for T500

This course will focus on the rise and fall of the Soviet Union.  Special
attention in lectures and readings will be devoted to the background,
development, and impact of the Russian Revolutions of 1905 and 1917 (and
to the reasons for Russia's failure to establish Western-style democratic
political and market-oriented economic systems at that time); the
evolution of the Soviet/Communist regime under Lenin and Stalin (including
the Great Purges and Terror); Stalin's industrialization drive; the
titanic military clash between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia in W.
W. II; the development of the Cold War, the scope and limits of political
and economic reform under Khrushchev and Gorbachev; and the Soviet Union's
demise in December 1991.  Among often neglected subjects to be
investigated will be the changing role of women in Soviet society.  Key
developments in late Tsarist and Soviet history will be reinterpreted in
light of new information from previously closed Russian archives.  Thus
the course is intended to provide an essential up-to-date historical
perspective on developments in present-day Russia, and especially on the
complexities of political and economic reform.  Requirements include a
short book review, midterm and final examination.