History | The World and East Asia
G100 | 2563 | Struve


Topic: East Asia in World History

Above section meets with EALC E101Above section carries culture studies

This course introduces major developments in the history of the earth and
humankind, at each stage drawing particular attention to the conditions,
achievements, experience, and outlooks of East Asia.  What part has East
Asia taken in world patterns of change?  How has East Asia affected, and
been affected by, global developments across the centuries?  What views
have East Asian peoples held of the rest of the world?  These are some of
the questions we will pursue.

The course in structured in four parts: I. Getting Started: The Bases of
Human and Social Life; II. Getting Civilized: the Bases of Extensive
Social Life; III. Dynamics of Afro-Eurasia: The Asian Advantages; and IV.
Old World/New World: The European Advantages.  In each part there will be
a map quiz and a short-essay examination.  In addition, there will be
three exercises keyed respectively to exhibits in the Black Laboratory of
Archeology, the Fine Arts Museum, and the Lilly Library.

Students will be required to purchase two textbooks Craig et al., Heritage
of World Civilizations (combined edition, 1997), and Diamond, Guns, Germs
and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies (1977) as well as a pack of course
materials prepared by the professor.