History | China: The Later Empires
G583 | 2682 | Struve

TR 11:15A-12:30P BH144

Above section meets with HIST G383 This course surveys the most important
developments in Chinese history from the Sung dynasty (10th-12th
centuries) through the middle Ch'ing dynasty (18th century).  Prominent
topics will be the transition from medieval-aristocratic to "early modern"
conditions, the economic and technical "revolutions" of Sung times, the
rise of Neo-Confucianism, the culture of the literati, challenges to
Chinese civilization posed by Mongol and Manchu rule, patterns of
governance, and the consequences of accelerating population growth.  In
addition to fulfilling all the requirements for G383, students do
supplementary readings (which are discussed at an arranged time once every
two weeks), address extra questions on those readings in the G383 exams,
and write a bibliographical essay (15-20 pp.) on a subject area of
individual interest.  Grades are based 1/4 respectively on three essay
examinations and the bibliographical essay, with discretion exercised in
view of class participation.  Required texts are the same as for G383.