History | American History I
H105 | 2580 | Stowe

TR 10:10A-11:00A  WH100

Above section open to freshmen and sophomores only.Students must enroll in
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This course looks at American history from European settlement through the
Civil War.  We will focus on important  events, people, and social
conditions that led to the founding and creation of the United States - -
and to its crisis at  mid-century.

Reading (about 75-100 pages a week) will include a survey textbook, and
other readings, such as Edmund Morgan, The Puritan Dilemma, and Melton
McLaurin, Celia: a Slave.

Requirements: Attend lectures; read and think.  Evaluation will be in
terms of three examinations (each 25% of course grade) and writing
assignments (25%).