History | American History I
H105 | 2597 | Kotlowski

TR 2:30P-3:45P WH100

Above section open to all students.

This course surveys aspects of American history to the Civil War.  It
emphasizes political, military, and diplomatic events as well as social
and economic trends.  Topics to be discussed include the European
"discovery" of the New world, English colonization, the origins,
development, and impact of the American Revolution, the Constitution
Convention and the rise of political parties, the "market revolution,"
antebellum reform movements, western expansion, southern slavery, and the
origins, development, and significance of the Civil War.  Readings include
a textbook and three supplementary books.  Grading: quizzes 15%, two
mid-term examinations 25% each; one non cumulative final examination 35%.
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