History | Colloquium United States History
H650 | 2689 | Bodnar

M 4:00P-6:00PBH321

Topic: America since 1932: Class, Race, Gender, and Popular Culture.

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This course will examine the historical literature on American society
since 1932.  The focus will be on issues of class, race, and gender and
particular attention will be given to the manner in which these social
tensions were represented in popular culture.  Major topics will include
the rise of the working class in the 1930's, the gendered dimension of
unions, the impact of World War II on race, class and gender, the end of
the New Deal liberalism in the sixties, the return o f the repressed (read
women and minorities) in the recent past, and the reassertion of
traditional forms of American manhood.

Among the key books we will read are:
Denning, The Culture Front Nadel, Containment Culture Henrickson, Dr.
Strangelove's America Davis, City of Quartz