History | Colloq Latin American History
H665 | 2690 | Guardino

F 3:35P-5:35P BH011

Topic: Colonial Latin American

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Latin America had the world's longest experience with colonialism, which
in some areas of Latin America lasted from 1500 almost to 1900.  It was
the first place where Native Americans met Europeans, and their often
violent and exploitative but also creative contact helped shape distinct
multi-ethnic and multi-cultural societies.  Latin America had both the
earliest and most prolonged experience with African-American slavery.

This course will examine the period from pre-Columbian times to roughly
1870.  We will consider 1) Europeans' violent conquest of indigenous
societies and subsequent efforts to impose Christianity and other cultural
values on the conquered even as they exploited them economically; 2) the
continuing and partially successful efforts of Native Americans to resist
or modify European cultural and economic impositions; 3) the introduction
and expansion of African labor, the experiences and resistance of African
Americans, and the eventual end of African slavery in Latin America; 4)
Spanish and Portuguese colonial institutions; 5) gender in colonial Latin
American societies; 6) the circumstances and social movements which
separated Latin American countries from Spain and Portugal in the
nineteenth century; and 7) the efforts of Latin Americans of diverse
social groups to build stable and equitable societies in the new nations.

We will read fourteen books and a few articles.  Students will give two
oral presentations, write two review essays, prepare a mock research
proposal and invent an original syllabus.