History | Seminar in Ancient History
H705 | 2692 | Williamson

M 3:35P-5:30P BH137

Course topic: Roman Armies

A portion of the above section reserved for majors

This course will examine various facets of the experiences of Roman
armies.  Comparisons will be made between the armies of the Republic and
Empire in the period roughly from 264 BCE to 378 CE.  Readings in ancient
sources and modern studies will focus on the social, economic and
political costs of maintaining thousands of men under arms at almost all
times, to include an examination of military mobilization and supply; the
manpower pool; army life; military law; war, women and children; and the
impact of the military and military institutions on the rest of society.
Students will also use Internet resources to survey emerging social,
economic and political interpretations (see my www site at
http://www.indiana.edu/~romnhist).  Requirements: presentations, research
paper.  Open to non-majors.