History | Sickness, Health & Society
J200 | 2638 | Stowe

TR 2:30P-3:45P BH018

Above section COAS intensive writing section and also requires
registration in COAS W333Above section limited to freshman, sophomores and

In this colloquium we will explore the experience of being sick and giving
care in the United States during the 1800's.  Before medicine achieved its
modern effectiveness, how did Americans cope and explain illness?  What
afflicted them, and what sorts of care did they received?  What roles were
played by family, religious faith, and physicians?

We will explore these questions in terms of actual historical texts - -
doctors' case studies, patients' letters and diaries, medical journal
reports - - and in terms of historical writing about American medicine of
this era.

Grades are based on attendance and informed class participation, brief
weekly essays, and occasional in-class document interpretations.  Readings
include Sickness and health in America, 3rd edition (ed. By Leavitt and
Numbers) and Langstaff (by J. Duffin).