History | Origins of History
J200 | 2639 | Demand

T 7:00P-9:00P BH137

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Why is Herodotus called the Father of History, and is this label accurate?
The answer depends on your definition of history, which is what we will
investigate in this course.  We will begin by considering early written
accounts of the past before Herodotus: the inscriptions advertising the
victories of Egyptian and other early near Eastern rulers; the Bible:
Homer's Iliad: and Greek ethnographers.  Then we will look at the
traditional Greek historians, Herodotus' history of the Persian Wars; and
Thucydides' account of the Peloponnesian War.  We will use Web sites and
three paperback books, and consider both primary and secondary sources.
Grades will be based on four papers, and consistent
attendance/participation.  No previous knowledge of ancient history is