History | Nation and Identities-World History
W300 | 2641 | Boykin, Lazda, Wickersham

TR 9:30A-10:45A BH247

Topic: Towards Globalization or conflict?

Above section open to undergraduates only. A portion of the above section
reserved for majors

Are you an American? Or a Texan? Or Irish?  How do you define your
identity?  How far would you go to defend it?

In this class, we will explore the ways in which people have created their
own identities throughout the world.  The media, scholars, and politicians
talk about the nation without considering other forms of identity.  We
will discuss such phenomena as the relationships between nation and state,
nation and race, nation and gender, nation and war.  In the study of these
relationships, we will seek the answers to such questions as what is a
nation?  Does nationalism differ from patriotism?  Is the inevitable
outcome of nationalism violence?  Case studies we will explore include the
Middle East, the Vietnam War, Yugoslavia, and Rwanda.

There are no prerequisites.  The content of this course will include
lectures, films, music, and readings.  Grades will be based on short
writing assignments, a midterm, and a final exam.

Please contact the instructors for further information. Richard Boykin
(rboykin), Mara Lazda (mlazda), Jane Wickersham (jwickers)