Honors | Reporting, Writing and Editing
J200 | 6339 | Boeyink, D

P: W131 or its equivalent and fundamental computer skills.  P or concurrent:
L155. Working seminar stressing the creation of journalistic stories for
diverse audiences. Students will learn to develop story ideas, gather
information, combine visual and verbal messages, and to write and edit news.


This course introduces students to the skills of reporting, writing and
editing for a mass audience. The heart of the course will be writing a
series of 8-10 stories for the audiences of television, newspapers, and
magazines.  Although principally a writing course, students will be asked to
"think visually," not only in broadcast writing, but in the development of
visual elements (photo ideas and cutlines, graphs, headlines) and
descriptive writing for newspaper and magazine stories.  The honors section
will offer each student an opportunity  to develop a special project based
on his or her particular interests in media.

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