Honors | Communications Law
J300 | 6359 | Brown, C

11:15a-12:30p      TR    EP 104

J300 focuses on major topics in communications law in the United States,
particularly topics, such as libel, privacy for public as well as private
people, free press/fair trial, protection for confidential sources,
copyright, and obscenity, that affect the mass media.  Other topics, such as
advocacy speech, hate speech, and symbolic speech, as well as some aspects
of First Amendment theory, will also be covered.

The course has relevance for anyone interested in the way this society
governs itself, responds to grievances, and strives to protect interests
such as reputation, privacy, fair trial, intellectual property, and decency
at the same time that it attempts to protect freedom of expression. Students
who are preparing for careers in communications fields will find the course
particularly relevant, but this section of the course is open to students
majoring in any field.

Readings will include primary legal sources (such as cases and statutes),
secondary legal materials (such as law review articles), as well as other
articles and a textbook.

Assignments will include a 10-12 page research paper on an approved topic,
analyses of primary legal sources, two mid-term examinations, and a final