History And Philosophy Of Science | X507 History of Science since 1750 (3 cr.)
X507 | 2719 | Capshew

X507 History of Science since 1750 (3 cr.)
Time and Day: 1:00p-2:15p M
Place: GB107
Section: 2719
James Capshew
This course provides a survey of the history of science since 1800, mainly in the context of
Western Europe and the United States.  It covers developments in a variety of scientific
disciplines and across a range of national contexts, but is not intended to be exhaustive.  Rather,
through the intensive study of selected historical works, the seminar seeks to convey and
understanding of the scope and complexity of scientific culture in the past two centuries, as well
as an appreciation of different historical perspectives and methods, including biography,
prosopography, and various forms of intellectual, institutional, and social history.