History And Philosophy Of Science | X705 Bodies and Machines (3 cr.)
X705 | 2724 | Bertoloni Meli

X705 Bodies and Machines (3 cr.)
Time and Day: 9:15a-11:15a W
Place: GB107
Section: 2724
Domenico Bertoloni Meli
This course focuses on historical and philosophical issues relevant to mechanical explanations of
animal and human bodies.  We are going to discuss Descartes and the golden age of mechanistic
anatomy, select sources from antiquity, and (depending on students' interests) material post-
1800.  Some of the main areas covered include the role of the soul and its faculties, the
interactions between microscopy and mechanism, mechanical explanations at the bedside, and
reasons for the demise of mechanical explanations in the eighteenth century.