History And Philosophy Of Science | X706 Early Modern Science (3 cr.)
X706 | 2725 | Newman, Koertge

X706 Early Modern Science (3 cr.)
Time and Day: 9:30a-12:00p T
Place: GB107
Section: 2725
William Newman and Noretta Koertge
This course, jointly taught by a historian of science and a philosopher of science, deals with
current historiographic issues concerning the Scientific Revolution.
We will begin by comparing two short, but influential, books: Westfall's classic ..... and Shapin's
recent primer, ....... Our discussion will then focus on new scholarship concerning Bacon, Boyle,
the mechanical philosophy and matter theory.
Students will be expected to keep up with the readings, make oral presentations, and write a
Please note that this course satisfies the HPS Core course requirement for graduate majors and