Journalism | Broadcast News
J343 | ALL | Letsinger-Miller

Course is an intensive writing course designed to get students familiar
with broadcast style. Much of the writing is done in the classroom using
wire copy, fact sheets and other materials. Students will learn to
incorporate soundbites, write leads, and write from interviews. In the
second half of the semester students will be incorporating video in their
scripts and get some hands on experience in the lab where they not only
write a script but are expected to edit the video to match. Video is
provided, there is no photography involved in J343.  While much of the
writing is done in class, video editing is done during a designated lab
period assigned outside of class. Students are expected to visit the lab
once a week to complete editing assignments.  Labs begin midway through
the course.
Credit hours: 3
Required Readings: No book
Exams: None
Papers: None
Other Assignments: Outside lab assignments