Journalism | Online Journalism
J360 | 6375 | Nachison

This course will introduce students to the technical, editorial, business
and creative demands of working for an online news organization. Students
will learn how to incorporate text, graphics, audio, video and interactive
features into compelling web content. We'll move past the technical
requirements of online journalism to explore some of the editorial and
ethical challenges of instant communication, notions of trust and
responsibility, and we'll cast a critical eye on the young online media
industry. We will also delve into the business factors driving many of the
decisions made by today's online news organizations. This course is geared
toward any student who wants to prepare for a job in online media. That
could easily include the full spectrum of students in the Journalism
School, from those interested in graphic design, print or broadcast
reporting and editing to those more interested in marketing, advertising
and public relations. Students with an interest in computer programming or
computer-assisted journalism will also feel at home in this course. During
the semester we will develop and fully produce a web site that takes full
advantage of each student's particular interests. Students will spend
plenty of time in front of computers, both during class lectures and
exercises and outside of the classroom.
Credit hour: 3
Meeting times: 11:15-12:30 p.m., TR, EP 213