Journalism | Media as Social Institutions
J410 | ALL | Staff

The purpose for J410 is the analysis of responsibility in American
journalism. Responsibility is the lens through which the larger context of
the media as social institutions is seen.  Responsibility functions at a
variety of levels (individual, professional, institutional, societal).
This allows responsibility to be a central focus for a variety of J410
discussions, such as:
the relationship of media and society, the relationship of individual and
professional values, and
the relationship of professional values and institutional constraints,
like money and time.  This section will be taught with a heavy use of
practical cases.  We will use examples of controversial practices in
journalism to think about how ethical problems are solved in media
organizations.  WeUll also see what guidelines and principles emerge from
that case-based discussion.  Students should expect few lectures, lots of
conversation, and some serious thinking about their profession.  It should
be fun.
Credit hours: 3