Journalism | Race, Gender & the Media
J475 | 6389 | Parameswaran

This course will critically examine the role of the media in enabling,
facilitating, or challenging the social constructions of race and gender
in our society.  We will consider the mass media to be one among many
other social institutions such as religion, education, and family, which
strongly influence our everyday notions of race and gender.  The course
will address a variety of entertainment and news content in print and
electronic media.  This course will take an interdisciplinary approach to
analyzing race and gender issues related to media ownership, media
representations, and the media workforce.  Since the mass media constitute
only one social institution among many others, we will be drawing on
research and theories from other disciplines -history, WomenUs Studies,
sociology, literary studies, and cultural studies--to discuss the impact
of the media on our concept of race and gender identities.  Race and
gender in this course will be viewed as interlocking social systems and
not as separate or competing systems of power.  Additionally, we will
explore the connections among media representations of race and gender and
other social constructions which will include class, ethnicity, sexual
orientation, age, and disability.  In covering race, many of the readings
in the course will address the experiences of African Americans in the
United States.  However, this course will also include discussions of the
experiences of other minorities:  Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans,
Native Americans, lesbians, and gays.  With regard to gender, this course
will address the social construction of femininity as well as masculinity.
Credit hours: 3
Meeting times: 9:30-10:45 p.m., TR, EP 214