Journalism | Russian and East European Media Systems
J624 | 6403 | O. Johnson

This seminar will investigate the history, theory & practice of the
communications system in the area once known as the Soviet Union and
Eastern Europe.  Subjects for investigation include history; news & media
content; the institutions & individuals who produce the news; factors
affecting the news such as professionalism, new technology, and political
& economic pressures; the role of the state; and the news consumer.  The
course will include appropriate reading to provide broad theoretical and
empirical introductions to the subject, with particular attention to the
problems related to the transition to a more pluralist and market-oriented
system.  In addition to readings shared by the members of the class,
individuals will work on research papers.
Credit hours: 3
Meeting times: 3:00-5:00 p.m., T, EP 104