Journalism | Government and Mass Media
J673 | 6404 | Weaver

This course focuses on independent research and analysis of political
communication and government-media relations.  I interpret the term
"government" to mean politics and political campaigns, so a more accurate
title for the course might be "Mass Media and Politics."  This is both a
readings and a research seminar that concentrates on the relationships
between politicians and journalists, the nature of media coverage of
politics, the effects of media coverage on various publics, and the
contributions of the news media to government policy making in the U.S.
About half the semester is devoted to reading research in these areas, and
the second half is devoted to a modest original research project that can
be carried out and written up in seven or eight weeks.  I do assume some
familiarity with social science research methods such as content analysis,
surveys, experiments, and statistical analysis of data.
Credit hours: 3
Meeting times: 9:30-11:00 a.m., MW, EP 104
Probable textbooks include:  Doris Graber, MASS MEDIA AND AMERICAN
POLITICS; Shanto Iyengar and Richard Reeves, DO THE MEDIA GOVERN?;
Kathleen Hall Jamieson, THE MEDIA AND POLITICS; Maxwell McCombs, Donald