Labor Studies | Senior Seminar or Readings, Topic: Free Trade and Labor
L480 | 4904 | Seybold

Three credit hours, 5:45-8:25 PM Monday, BH 137.  L480 may be taken for graduate credit.  Requires permission of Department.  Meets with LTAM L426 and L526.  The global economy is here to stay and, as a result, a number of issues confront workers around t
he world.  The passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement led to greater integration of the economies of Canada, the US and Mexico.  Chile and Argentina are likely to be the next countries brought into the NAFTA framework with the eventual goal of
integrating the rest of the Western Hemisphere.  As free trade agreements sweep this hemisphere a number of questions can be raised about the role of labor movements in the US, Mexico, Central and South America.  This course will examine how workers and
unions have responded to the globalization of the economy.  Along with the US, we will examine a number of other countries, including Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil and Chile.  In addition, we will examine American labor's rol
e in US foreign policy and also explore the prospects for cross border organizing and the development of international solidarity.