Mathematics | Foundations of the Number Systems
M391 | 2967 | Brothers

P: M212 or M216 or consent of instructor. Text: Mathematical Thinking:
Problem Solving and Proofs, by D'Angelo and West
Course requirements: Weekly graded homework, three exams, comprehensive
final exam.

Course description: M391 provides preparation for 400-level math courses
which have a substantial emphasis on proofs--mainly M, T, S403 and M, S413.
The prerequisite is either M212 or M216 or Computer Science C241.  The
main goal is to learn how to construct proofs in a variety of elementary
mathematical settings.  Beginning with the study of some issues in
high-school algebra from an advanced standpoint, we will go on to an
examination of the concept of "proof" in the study of logic.  We will then
study mathematical induction and some more advanced topics in algebra.
These topics will be applied to the development of some of the number
systems studied in advanced algebra.