Mathematics | Mathematical Models and Applications II
M448 | 2977 | Brothers

P: M301 or M303, M311, M360 or M365, which may be taken concurrently, or
consent of instructor.
Text: None.  Course requirements: Graded problem sets, evening mid-term and
final.  Group participation in national Mathematical Modeling Contest.
Group research paper.  Course description: M448 is the second semester of
the mathematical modeling sequence M447-M448.  The approach is primarily
stochastic and will be of interest to graduates and undergraduates majoring
in business, economics, biology, and mathematics.  Prerequisites are linear
algebra (M301 or M303), probability (M360 or M365), and linear programming,
which can be learned in M447 or by studying the appropriate chapters of the
M118 text.  The computer algebra system Maple will be used where
appropriate.  Topics covered will include linear game theory, deterministic
and stochastic growth and decay models, queuing theory, and simulation. II