Near Eastern Languages & Cultures | N695: Classical Arabic Rhetoric (2 cr)
N605 | 3039 | Stetkevych

N695:  Classical Arabic Rhetoric  (2 cr)
Time and Day:  4:00p-6:00p MW
Place:  WH205
Section:  3039
Prof.  Suzanne Stetkevych
*1st 8 weeks

The majority of class time will be devoted to reading and translating selections from 'Abd
al-Qahir al-Jurjani's Asrar al-Balaghah (Secrets of Eloquence) and I'jaz al-Qur'an (Inimitability
of the Qur'an).  Each student will also present a report on a topic of his/her choosing in the field
of Classical Arabic and/or Western rhetoric.  This will be presented orally to the class and in
final written form (8-10 pp.) at the end of the 8-week session.  Grades will be based on
attendance and participation (66%) and course paper (34%).

Reading knowledge of Classical Arabic.

*Students can sign up for additional credits (and work) under N590 Directed Readings in Arabic
or N695 Topics in NELC.  Please consult the instructor.