Nursing | Health Status of Adults I
J304 | ALL | Devich-Reising

Nursing Majors - Semester V
3 credits
Requirements: lower-division nursing prerequisites.  C: J350

This course presents adults as holistic beings by identifying
functional health patterns and ecological variables.  Students
use concepts from nursing, humanities, and bio-psycho-social
sciences to understand human responses to common actual and
potential health problems and as a basis for nursing practice.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

1.	Identify concepts and theories from biopsychosocial
	sciences, behavioral sciences and humanities utilized in
	nursing practice.
2.	Identify teaching-learning needs of individuals in simulated
	situations involving actual/potential health problems.
3.	Discuss impact of ecological variables upon the health
	status of the adult client.
4.	Discuss the impact of health problems upon functional health
5.	Differentiate stages of adult growth and development.
6.	Identify how health problems vary from normal functioning.
7.	Differentiate actual/potential health problems utilizing the
	nursing process.
8.	Discuss within the context of the nursing process the roles
	of client advocate and care provider in:
	a.	Maintaining health
	b.	Promoting health
	c.	Preventing illness, and
	d.	Restoring health
9.	Identify nursing diagnosis categories that are priorities
	for individuals experiencing selected health problems.
10.	State specific principles for nursing practice.
11.	Identify resources of research relevant to nursing practice.