Nursing | Professional Practice Concepts
J307 | ALL | Harrell S

Nursing Majors - Semester V
2 credits
Requirements: lower-division nursing prerequisites

This course is a theory course designed to provide the knowledge
essential to the utilization of the nursing process in provision
of nursing care to clients across the life span.  It introduces
the use of the nursing models for practice in restoring,
maintaining and promoting health, and in preventing disease.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course the student will be able to:

1.	Discuss the development of nursing process as it impacts on
	current professional roles.
2.	Demonstrate an understanding of nursing process, including
	the utilization of nursing diagnosis in the provision of
	client care.
3.	Demonstrate knowledge of selected nursing theories as a
	foundation for professional nursing practice.
4.	Explain the influence of value and belief system on man's
	responses to health status.
5.	Describe the responsibility and accountability of the
	professional nurse in terms of the domains of practice.
6.	Discuss the importance of the adoption of professional
	values and behaviors as basic to nursing practice.
7.	Demonstrate an understanding of the roles of the
	professional nurse in maintaining health in collaboration
	with other disciplines.
8.	Discuss leadership as an essential component of professional
9.	Cite principles of teaching and learning.
10.	Discuss the implications of nursing research on the defining
	of nursing practice.

Lecture, class discussion, group activities, written exercises,
audio-visual materials, and guest speakers.