Nursing | Nursing Care of Adults I
J350 | ALL | Staff

Nursing Majors - Semester V
3 credits
Requirements:  completion of lower division courses and
certification.  C: B300, B302, J304

J350 provides the student with opportunities for the application
of knowledge and skills learned in prerequisites and corequisite
courses to the nursing care of adults in a structured health care
setting.  The nursing process is used to access, diagnose, plan
and treat actual or potential alterations in health patterns.
Nursing care delivered is goal-directed and based on principles
from nursing, biological, physiological, behavioral, and social
sciences and the humanities.  Grades given for this course are
satisfactory and fail.

Course Objectives:

At the completion of this course students will be able to:

1.	Assess individual adults as holistic beings using functional
	health patterns and ecological variables in a variety of
	structured settings.
2.	Apply concepts and theories form biological and behavioral
	sciences, the humanities, and nursing while providing
	nursing care to individual adults in a variety of structured
3.	Utilize the nursing process to diagnoses individual needs,
	and to plan, implement and evaluate nursing care for the
	adult client.
4.	Assume the roles of client advocate and care provider with
	adult individuals in conjunction with the health care team
	in a variety of structured settings.
5.	Apply concepts of effective interpersonal communication
	skills when interacting with adult individuals.
6.	Demonstrate principles of safety in the performance of
	selected psychomotor skills in a clinical setting.
7.	Identify teaching learning needs of adult individuals in a
	variety of structured settings.
8.	Identify research findings relevant to the nursing care of
	adult individuals in a variety of structured settings.
9.	Identify leadership behavior in self and others.
10.	Demonstrate accountable and responsible behavior as a care
	provider in the nursing profession.
11.	Identify values and behaviors that reflect professional
12.	Demonstrate responsibility as a beginning learner in the
	nursing profession.
13.	Demonstrate awareness of the citizens' role or how it
	relates to health care issues.