Political Science | Politics and Film
Y200 | 3289 | Hart

		This course will consider the relationships between politics
and film from a variety of perspectives. First, it will examine the
political content of films, especially films on political subjects like war
and  peace, revolution, electoral politics, racism, and feminism. Course
members will be required to attend a film series connected with the course.
Second, it will examine the history of the film industry, its relationship
to other media, and the role of the (mainly Hollywood-based) film industry
in (mainly American) politics.  Written course  requirements will include a
midterm examination, a short paper, and a final examination.
		Main Written Assignments
		The main written work for the course will be a midterm and
final examination and two short papers.  The topic of the paper is open, but
must involve some political aspect of foreign investment.  Grades for the
course will depend on grades for midterm (20%), papers (20% each), and final
		The following films will be shown:
			Dr. Strangelove
			Citizen Kane
			Schindler's List
			Au Revoir Les Enfants
			Apocalypse Now
			Good Morning, Vietnam
			Heaven & Earth
			The Player
		There will be a discussion of each film in class following
the screening.