Political Science | Development of World Systems
Y200 | 3290 | Thompson

	Y200 World System Development is a course on long term changes in
international political economy.  Topics that will receive particular
attention include the early emergence of an Afro-Eurasian world economy, the
ascendancy of Western Europe, the role of technological change, long waves
and the diffusion of economic growth, the dynamics of economic primacy,
global-regional conflict patterns, and the future of the world's political
economy.  No particular background is assumed on the part of students taking
the course but courses on international relations (Y109) or international
political economy should be helpful.  This course assumes that the current
world system is the product of several millennia of evolution.  To fully
understand how the current system works, one has to develop some
appreciation for the historical changes that led to the present and will
likely influence the future.