Political Science | Discrimination & The Law
Y210 | 3292 | Failer

	Why is discrimination bad?  (How) can the law combat discrimination?
To get at these questions, we will begin our class by looking at the moral
and legal foundations of the anti-discrimination project.  We will then
apply the ideals of that project to two concrete legal problems: affirmative
action and pornography.  After trying to understand each problem on its own
terms, we will also try to solve the problems as legislators and judges
through in-class simulations.  Throughout the course, we will test the
adequacy of anti-discrimination theory by applying it to particular cases.
We will also test our understanding of the cases by examining them in light
of the anti-discrimination theory.  One of our most important goals
throughout the course will be to examine whether and how law (whether
anti-discriminatory or otherwise) can help us pursue social justice.