Political Science | Model European Union
Y351 | 3301 | Furniss

		This seminar has three related goals.  The first is to
prepare for and to participate in a "Model European Union" simulation held
in Indianapolis in mid-April. We will send two country delegations. The
second is to bring us up to speed on the institutions and policies of the
European Union (EU) so that we can participate in the simulation in an
informed way. The third is to help develop systematically oral communication
and general persuasive skills.
		As one might infer, these aims mandate a different type of
seminar from those normally offered. Enrollment will not exceed twenty-two
people. We often will divide into two groups (representing our EU member
countries). We will make use of videotaping and other "active learning"
tools. Assignments will be targeted toward effective participation in the
		There will be an in-class examination in early March. There
will be no final examination.
		Because enrollment is limited, I urge people who might be
interested in taking the seminar to contact me before registration.