Political Science | State Politics and Policy (3 cr)
Y661 | 3326 | Wright

This course provides an overview of the major lines of research into the
processes of American state politics and policy.  We will focus on the
states as political entities with their peculiar political settings and
policy challenges, and also comparatively in evaluating a variety of
theoretical propositions about the states and about policy processes more
generally.  Throughout we will consider the varying influence of the
national government on state politics and processes and how these are likely
to change under the politics of devolution.
This is a particularly opportune time to study the states.  There is more
political action at the state level than perhaps ever before and new data
sets are emerging that permit scholars to investigate new and fundamental
Course requirements include weekly reaction papers to the assigned readings,
a book review presentation to the seminar, a seminar research paper on some
aspect of state politics and policy.
Seminar members who are interested will have the opportunity to work with
the new data sets on state legislators and legislatures which I have been
constructing as part of my work with Project Vote-Smart