Psychology | Introductory Psychology II
P102 | 3358 | Finn P.

This course provides a general introduction to the psychological theory
and research in the areas of social, personality, developmental, and
abnormal psychology.  Broadly speaking, the course highlights the
scientific approach to the study of behavior.  We will examine such topics
as how social interactions affect self-perception, how people make
decisions about the causes and factors that influence their own behavior,
what types of psychological and biological processes might contribute to
individual differences (i.e., personality traits), what is the structure
of personality, what processes might underlie normal development of
cognition, speech, and emotional expression, what are the important stages
of development, what is mental illness, what are the biological, social,
and psychological processes that influence the development of mental
disorders, what types of mental disorders are there, and how can they be
effectively treated or prevented.
It is assumed that all student enrolled in P102 have a sound background of
knowledge in the concepts covered in P101, especially classical and
operant conditioning.