Psychology | Planning your Psychology Career
P199 | 3364 | Smith L.

Where do you want to be ten years from now?   How can you get there?  What
courses should you take?  What lab and intern experiences should you gain?
The purpose of this one credit satisfactory/fail course is to provide
undergraduate majors with the information they need to intelligently
organize their undergraduate studies.  The course will provide information
about what psychologists do, professional and practical issues in career
choice, course selection, intern/research experience and planning a course
of study.  We expect to require this course for all psychology majors in
the future.
Requirements for a Satisfactory:  Attendance (may miss no more than three
classes); submission (in writing) of a preliminary goal statement, a
revised goal statement, a plan of action.
Note:  This is NOT an honors course but an experimental course being
offered under this number.