Psychology | Psychological & Biological Bases of Human Sexuality
P204 | 3365 | Graham C.

Course Description: This course will provide an introduction to the study
of human sexual behavior. A particular aim will be to familiarize students
with the methods used in research on sexuality and to critically evaluate
these methods. Emphasis will be placed on the broad variety of factors and
the complexity of their interactions which need to be considered in any
attempt to understand human sexuality. Topics to be covered include:
sexual development and differentiation, patterns of human sexual behavior,
sexual orientation, and sexual aspects of fertility and contraception.
Format: Lecture format. Lectures will include some of the material covered
in the text but will also present additional material, videos, and
clinical case examples.
Evaluation: Grades will be based on one written paper and exams,
comprising both multiple-choice and short-answer questions.
Text: Understanding Human Sexuality. Hyde, J. S. and DeLamater, J. Sixth
Edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1997.
Availability of instructor: Office hours will be posted or by appointment.