Psychology | Social Psychology
P320 | 3385 | McCool A.

The Topic: Scientific study of the individual in context with others
Meeting:  TR, 11: 15 a - 12:3 Op, in PY226
Prerequisites: P 10 1 or P 15 1, and P 102 or P 152; or P 106
Objectives: Characteristics and processes of the individual found, through
empirical investigation, to be important in human social behavior will be
presented. Such items include the Self-Concept, Emotions, Attitudes and
Prejudice, and Social Motives. Features of the behavioral setting; whether
a crowd, small group, or romantic couple, for example; will also be
considered. Theoretical explanations of why and how features of individual
and context impinge upon behavior will be open to examination, as will the
research techniques and specific findings upon which the theories are
based. Evaluation of the material, and appraisal of its relevance to
students' own lives and futures, will be encouraged.
Format: Lecture will most likely predominate. Questions and discussion
encouraged; spontaneous contributions, made with courtesy and respect for
others, will be most welcome. Videos or other in-class activities or
demonstrations may be employed.
Grades will be based primarily on four or so non-cumulative, objective
exams. Short writing assignments may also be given on occasion.
Availability of Instructor: Students are welcome to come by at any time,
though availability will be certain at posted office times and at
appointments arranged in advance.