Psychology | Behavior Modification
P430 | 3405 | Bates J.

This course considers the principles and methods of behavior change.  It
focuses mostly on intervention for clinical problems, such as anxiety
disorders, depression, schizophrenia, or conduct problems.  However this
course will also consider behavior modification in other areas, such as:
business settings, environmental protection and health.  The professor's
own clinical experience is mainly in treating children's behavior
problems.  Students will be asked to attend and participate in class
discussions, to take two exams covering text and lecture materials, and to
write 3 2-page papers, and 2 8-15 page papers.  The assignments aim to
help students understand both the scientific literature and practical,
problem-solving approaches.
Text: Thorpe & Olson, Behavior Therapy: Concepts, Procedures and
Applications, 2nd Ed.
Office Hours: Not yet set.  The instructor's email is,
phone 855-8693.