Russian And East European Institute | Interdisciplinary Colloquium in Russian and East European Studies
R601 | 3525 | Eklof

This course will have three segments:  an introductory block of weeks for
reading and discussing topics such as rewriting history in Russia and
Eastern Europe, "reform" and "transition," and "the virtual or cashless"
economy; a period for identifying and "problematizing" a suitable topic
for a term paper and for locating sources [standard data sites for info on
current events, and materials specific to your topic; and, after a month
hiatus in meetings for independent research; a period of presenting drafts
for class comment.  If enough students are interested and willing, we will
work as a group on topic related to education, socialization, and
generational change; the issue of a group research focus will be decided
in the first class meeting.  Students are urged to obtain and read the
common readings over the semester break so that they can launch their
research early in the semester.